Pastor Jack

Show #18 - The Meaning of Xmas

You can bet that we’re going to cover this issue in-depth, my brothers and sisters. No one is safe!

Show #17 - What’s Up With Veterans?

I love old people. But we need to examine this issue: Why discriminate? Ever?

Show #16 - Lookin Good for God

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, God wants you to wear nice things and use deoderant. Yes he does!

Show #15 - PJ: The Motion Picture

Ever wondered what a movie about Pastor Jack and his Progressive Universal Life Church (a.k.a., the Church of Tom Jones) would be like? Well I can tell you what it WON’T be like! So take a listen!

Episode in MP3

Show #14 - Get Ready & Raise Your Hands!

This episode is unremittingly uplifting, my Brothers and Sisters, as demonstrated by laughing cats!


Show #13 - Calm Down and Listen

It’s time to talk about the stuff no one wants to discuss.


Show #12 - Don’t Be a Puppet

I am here to tell you that you can’t trust the media. Why? Well, for starters, the whole “New Orleans - Katrina” thing? Never happened!


Show #11: Demonstrating Tom’s (God’s) Power

For all the disbelievers out there, this one’s for you.


Extra: Pastor Jack Remixed

“Singing in Tongues” is a dub/downtempo rendition of the full lyrical power of PJ.


Show #10: Tom Jones in Reno!

Learn exactly what it means to see Tom Jones sing live in concert, and why his voice is the spiritual engine that drives your Pastor’s church and its unique mission.


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